What does hope look like ? Well, there are now about 200 of us who know the answer: It looks like a group who operate under the name of BluePrintForlife. –  John Osborne, Dean of Arts and Science ?Carleton University

The Blueprintforlife hiphop group was amazing. With the vitality of the group and their strength of purpose I can imagine how effective they must be.  – Conference participant. AD

Stephen Leafloor discussed his ideas on social Work through hiphop and brought many audience members to tears with his stories of struggle and triumph. Arts Education in such settings offers a powerful tool for reclaiming children and youth from the streets, reducing prison recidivism rates,and revitalizing poor and marginalized populations . – Conference participant EF

Stephen Leafloors presentation was captivating and utterly inspiring as he presented and demonstrated his community development work with BluePrintForlife, a program that introduces and and encourages aboriginal youth to use hiphop to express themselves. His techniques and practices of creating inter-generational and intercultural exchanges are empowering youth to embrace their culture, while developing new passions, connections and feelings of belonging within their own communities. I hope that his methods and practices become more influential within social work and pedagogical approaches, and I look forward to following his work and the BluePrintForLife program in the future.  –  Conference participant MW

All of the speakers were very effective, However Stephen Leafloor stole the show.   – Conference participant CD

Stephen Leafloor and the BluePrintForLife crew were engaging and inspirational. Many of them rising up out of difficult circumstances, they demonstrate the transformative power of dance and hiphop. While they bring a positive message, they dont shy away from the tough realities that many kids need to face. They teach children and youth how to reconfigure their own realities through Artistic expression.  –  Conference participant DM

While all of the artist impressed me, the high points of the conference consisted of John Kim Bells presentation which was extremely interesting and energetic, albeit controversial, as well as the presentation by BlueprintForLife. Stephen Leafloor was not only Charismatic, he truly represents the epitome of hard work and drive.  –  Conference participant CL