Pond Inlet Leadership

Inuit youth were brought from all over Baffin Island. They had all completed BluePrint workshops before in their own communities and were chosen as they were showing leadership potential in their own communities. We examined how the concept of leadership is different in the north, used traditional legends in brainstorming exercises, and even wrote raps on healthy living and what one can do to prevent diabetes. Special thanks to Health Canada for helping sponsor these workshops ! The youth were fully engaged and incredibly supportive of each other as they were encouraged to try things outside of their comfort zone. It was amazing to see the older youth grow in confidence as they had to work in groups teaching younger kids without the help of Blueprint. The role playing and trust building exercises where sooo much fun. It really struck me on how shy youth can come out of their shyness when they are surrounded by supportive friends and safe environments. Wow -if only school could feel like this everyday for these youth. I’m sure these friendships will last a lifetime ! As in the last time we visited Pond Inlet -extra thanks goes out to Tessa and Shelly for all the organizing work in getting us there and to the hamlet of Pond Inlet for warmly welcoming us back.