Kuujjuaq 2011

Our second trip to Kuujjuaq. Many of the youth who were to young to attend our workshop when we came in 2008 now got a chance to participate. Wow, were they ever excited. This was an extra special project because we had TommyGunz from Oakland California, and Lazy Legz from Ill-abilities join the BluePrint team. Tommy is missing a leg and LazyLegz is on crutches. Wow did they ever inspire the youth to reach new levels and appreciate that they have healthy bodies. “No Excuses No Limits”. This catch phrase is used by Lazy Legzs and his team to inspire all youth, no matter their past or physical challenges -to reach for the stars. The final night show had an even larger gathering of parents and elders than our first visit to Kuujjuaq, and there was an extreme sense of pride in the gym that their kids could indeed rise up to do great things. I love it when projects feel like hope is in the air and it inspires everyone about life. Lazy Legzs and Tommy went on snowmobiles for the first time and even made a short film on the experience. Team Blueprint also did some more of our staff snow angels out behind the Kuujjuaq Inn. Yes we have a lot of fun on our trips. Love ya Kuujjjuaq.