Thanks to Pascale and Margaret Nakashuk for bringing us ! What a week ! We even had an elder fully participate and dance with us every day ! The youth created a great art piece using images of people to spell out the words “Kimmirut”, and we got to go ice fishing with the youth. Wow – it seemed like we caught a fish every 30 seconds. We must of had 70 fish, which was too much to eat (we tried), so we fed the sled dogs. Got to wear some extra warm traditional clothing out on the land and played some amazing games at Pascale’s home with some Elders. Super at Margarets and her husband taught us about hunting with a harpoon. This project gave birth to a BluePrint phrase which we often quote. “100% dangerous” -its an inside joke, so you will have to ask a Blueprint staff about this one. Some of these youth joined us for the Leadership summit in Pond Inlet. Way to represent Kimmirut, what a beautiful community you have ! Checked out the hiphop cupcakes made for the final show !