Ivujivik 2012

We returned to Ivujivik in 2012 and delivered our younger youth program “Respect Through Hiphop”. It was a very powerful and emotional week with lots of healthy tears that seemed to be long overdue. One young boy stated it was the first time he had allowed himself to cry. We stated throughout the week that strong people cry -even young men. ! One of the first steps to healing when something has happened to someone is to acknowledge your emotions as real, valid and important. These youth gained strength from each other as they realized they are not alone in their pain and they came together to be real support for each other. There were lots of moments of laughter and feeling proud of themselves while also seeing strengths in each other. We were all extremely proud of these youth, with the older youth taking on strong roles of support for the younger kids and showing good leadership by example. Ivujivik you have lots of reasons to be proud of your kids !