Inukjuaq 2011

We returned to Inukjuaq for our second time and the community was very excited to have us back. Highlights include working every day with Natasha who is blind and seeing her in the final show be the center of some routines. This reminded me so much about how excited and supportive the community was to see Timothy dance in his wheel chair last time we were there. We were blessed to be able to see Timothy and his brother at the airport. We were well supported by Paul the principle and his team including Khan, Leah, and Betsy. We even had a small team stay for a few extra days and work on some leadership skills with the Junior Rangers. This trip the Blueprint team started doing our now famous snow angels outside in only our shorts. We had a special guest Bboy from New York City (Frankie from Supreme Beings) – Frankie is now studying psychology and youth work so it was a beautiful thing to bring him into the BluePrint family. Inukjauq rocks !!!