Inukjuaq 2007

Inukjuaq is an Inuit community on the eastern coastline of Hudson bay. Crazy week with lots of support from the teachers who got fully involved everyday in dancing and the discussions. Thanks Besty, Khan, Paul, Andrea, and the whole team. We were amazed at some of the local athletes as they taught our team traditional Inuit games. Shatterstar from Blueprint represented our team well in the various high kicks. Also got some amazing photos at sunset out near the coast. Incredible beauty and incredible youth ! We have been back a number of times and have seen these youth grow. Special shouts out to Timothy who participated everyday in his wheel chair. There was not a dry eye in the house when Timothy and his brother rocked the dance floor for the final night celebration. Proving once again Hiphop is truly for everyone, no matter what your age, skin color or physical abilities.