Grise Fiord 2010

For our second trip to Grise Fiord we ran our new healing program. It was a combination of using spoken word poetry for the youth to express their emotions, dance and healing circles. The weather was so beautiful that we all took our chairs out on the sea ice and sat in a circle to discuss past pain, anger, abuse and ways to heal. We had a powerful burning secrets ceremony where the youth wrote a secret letter to themselves of some anger they need to let go of either in forgiving themselves or someone else. The final community showcase was very powerful and emotional as the youth shared their poems. Blueprint also got to climb the Greenlander with some youth on this trip which was incredible. On our way home we stayed overnight at Ozzie’s in resolute and did a free workshop for the youth there. Another amazing trip. Still trying to find where I put the pictures of the youth from this week but have a few of the beautiful weather and scenery.