Grise Fiord 2009

Our first trip to Grise Fiord. Truly at the top of the world, so remote and so beautiful. A small traditional community that has its history in the force relocation of Inuit families from Inukjuaq in the 50’s by the federal gov’t. It was a great week and on the way there we saw the bay full of beluga whales in Resolute, and watched the hunters get one and share the meat with the community. We got to do some hiking with the youth and had Elders dancing with us. The flight in is an experience all unto itself ! The whole trip was a great adventure and was very powerful with the youth as we saw some of the shiest youth, blossom with confidence. The art they created was so beautiful (Check out the Shaman/Bear drum dancer). Grise Fiord and its people hold a special place in our hearts. Thanks for all the love and support that we felt when we were there .