[dropcap style=”dropcap3″]I[/dropcap]n 2010 Blueprint was honored to be invited as a team of 3 to act as counselors and to to run healing workshops on anger, addictions, and abuse on a 2 week boat retreat through Canada’s Arctic and to Greenland. This trip was put together by Jason Annahatak who secured funding for Nunavik youth, elders and counsellors to travel together as a group, and experience the wilderness of the Arctic, engage in cultural activities, and assorted healing workshops. The ship was the Lyubov Orlova run by Cruise North. We visited two Greenland communities and many people agreed that a highlight was the cultural exchange and performance with Greenlandic Inuit in Sisimiut. The scenery was breathtaking as we would often lower zodiacs into the water and go ashore to hike or navigate through the ice to see whales and seals. Teaching dance on the back of the boat while icebergs rolled by was an unbelievable visual. Some of us even did a polar swim in the waters of Greenland. Thanks Jason and all those who worked on and participated in this project. Also huge thanks to Makivik corporation for funding support. I hope these photos take you away to a more peaceful state of mind to relax and ponder the greatness of our Arctic. My thoughts often return here when the stress of the south seems overwhelming ! Thanks Jason !!!!