BluePrintForLife has a range of evaluations that have been completed on our work and these can be forwarded upon request.

The largest evaluation was produced by the Department of Social Services in Nunavut by looking at our work in 3 Arctic communities. We have also had a very compelling independent evaluation produced by the Calgary Young Offenders center. The Kativik School board has also completed their own evaluations on our work and they continue to use our workshops in 14 communities.

Our programing was also profiled as best practice in a national study on Aboriginal Health and Diabetes. The Aboriginal Case Studies Project .

On other projects youth responded to questionnaires, contributed to video testimonials, or documentaries were produced.

BluePrintForLife also has compelling testimonials and letters from parents and Elders, and letters of recommendation from Mental Health Workers, Social Workers, RCMP, Federal judges, Wellness centers, school principles etc.

Further areas of interest for Blueprint are to eventually become involved in a multi-year study that would be respectful in its design with Inuit and First Nations cultures. Paying attention to evaluation techniques that look at the intricate ways that social issues are interrelated and also viewed in a cultural context. re; an evaluation design that considers not just a medical model way of evaluating things ? but one that encompasses Mind, Body and Spirit.

It is of great interest to BluePrintForLife that much of the current brain research on how to re-network and heal a traumatized brain points to the most compelling methods being using Art, Music, Dance, Cultural activities, and the telling of ones personal story, either spoken, or written in a diary, poem or song.

All of these techniques are the foundation of BluePrintForlife and we will be developing resource links soon to connect our work to this compelling research on healing the human brain.

Please email us at if you would like us to forward you some of our current evaluation material.

Click on various PDF’s below to download reports

Hiphop Program followup questions Resolute Bay scores

Government of Nunavut Evaluation Final Report

BPFL Final Report Pelly Crossing

Blue Print for Life Calgary youth prison -youth comments

Blue Print for Life Calgary Young Offender evaluation pie charts

Blueprint featured in Promising Practices Targeting Aboriginal Children

Blueprint Pathways evaluation Youth Justice Report – year 1

Blueprint Pathways evaluation Youth Justice Report – year 2

Blueprint Youth Justice Final Evaluation Report 2014 – 2017

Recognized as an Emerging (Commendable) Practice by the Health Council of Canada

Blueprint Ont Trillium Foundation evaluation 2017 – 2018

Student and teacher reflections Ontario Trillium Foundation Alternative School Project 2018