Cowichan Tribes

In March 2013 Blueprint facilitated its first project in British Columbia. We were asked to come work with the Cowichan Tribes in Duncan, in response to a state of emergency that was declared by the tribe around youth suicide. First of all it was an incredible week  ! Thanks to the hard work of Brandi Keddell and her team, we felt well supported from social workers and counselors from a variety of local agencies with these adults actively participating. When the youth sang their traditional songs and taught the blueprint team traditional dances such as the “Warrior Dance’ and the “Friendship Dance”, you could just feel the sense of confidence and pride come out of the youth. Special thanks to Trout for playing drums and helping with this. Special thanks also to Doris our bus driver to the group of Elders who supported us everyday with opening prayers and for your guidance and youthful spirits. This land is soooo beautiful out here ! We really loved how the exotic trees were covered in moss and how the red ceder has such powerful spiritual significance. We hope to see the documentary soon that Michelle Staples is producing. It was great to have her also involved all week. Hearing from the youth and counselors after the project about the powerful healing impact it had warms all our hearts and we felted blessed that many of you have chosen to start your new healing journeys.  Thanks you so much for the generous and spiritual gifts presented to our team on the final night. I’m sure we will return !  Its amazing to hear that you started a Hiphop club and its still going !