Blueprint Documentaries

Blueprint founder does a TED talk from the heart about growing up with bullying and turning extreme rage into something positive. Also reflects on the healing work they do in the Arctic with a story about “Frost Graffiti”.  

A really heart warming documentary produced by Ann Lang from the Carleton School of journalism. Some honest insight into what the culture of Hiphop does for individuals in helping them survive and deal with anger and hurt.

A short documentary produced by the Kativik School Board on our leadership program with Inuit youth from across Nunavik.

Produced by Aux TV, a great short on our work in the Arctic featuring youth from Salluit and Inuvik in NWT.

This was our first project that really launched BluePrintForLife. This documentary helped inspire the larger one hour feature to later be produced for Global TV on Cambridge Bay. It was produced by Randy Kelly !

The documentary above was produced by the Kativik School Board and shown on APTN. Its also available from us in Inuktitut and is a good example of how traditional culture is brought into our programing.

Intergenerational Healing around the effects of Residential Schools Am amazing week took place in Kugaaruk Nunavut. Blueprint was partnered with Pauktuutit (The National Women’s Inuit Association). Parents, Elders and Youth were all brought together for Cultural activities, dance, music, art, and lots of healing exercises. To our knowledge this is one of the first inter- […]