News Coverage

Amazing video of the youth from Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation.  This video went viral in a few days with approx 40,0000 views  -we are so proud of these youth. Special shout out to Tara Wilson for the concept and choreo and Steve Haining for producing the video. Click on the pic below to view. Sponsored by QBOW.

Blueprint founder does a TED talk from the heart about
growing up with bullying and turning extreme rage into
something positive. Also reflects on the healing work
they do in the Arctic with a story about “Frost Graffiti”.


BluePrint was honored to be selected in June 2012 for the “Action Figure” profile for our work. It was a full page story with pictures receiving many letters of support from across Canada encouraging the work we do.ReadArticle…

CAnDa A nice story about the 1 hour feature documentary made on Cambridge Bay called “Arctic Hiphop” and

shown on Global TV. Produced by Randy Kelly it is a balanced perspective on the challenges young people

face in the north,

but also celebrates some of their strengths and resiliency.Read Article…


LazyLegs and Tommy guns are breakdancers that have never let their physical challenges get in the way of

pursuing their dreams. BluePrintForLife returned to Kuujjuaq to deliver its healing workshops with these

two incredible dancers as part of their team. Watching Tommy Guns spin non stop on his head even though

he’s missing a leg sends powerful messages of never giving up.? They are part of a crew called ILL-abilities,

-and the mantra for the week was “No Excuses No Limits”. Read Articles…

Matthew Wood (DJ Creeasian ) Widely considered the top DJ in Alberta, travels with BluePrintForLife,

spreading healing messages and sharing his artform’s as a turntabilist. Read Article…

AshokaStephen Leafloor the founder of BluePrintForLife was made an Ashoka Fellow for Canada in 2012. This is

arguably the most prestigious organization for change-makers in the world and he joins an international

group of people doing incredible things to make the world a better place. This is a lifetime appointment and

means mentoring, and free legal and consulting support as Blueprint grows into the future.? Read Article…